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Jolt Blue Raspberry

Posted on February 20, 2010 at 11:16 AM

Active Ingredients:

1800mg of their special energy blend. No quantities are supplied, Caffeine (research suggests 190mg), taurine (mabye 1g/1000mg), Guarana, Ginseng, B-vitamins.


My review:

Broken record - this drink, or any of the six JOLT drinks i'll review, are not explicitly available in the UK. You can order them off the internet. Also the price does not include the postage cost therein, but considering it's shipped in from America, it's not a lot.

This line of Jolt energy drinks has got me thinking. It's also made me re-evaluate the way I dish out the numbers. Before I start this drink's review i'd like to read a few things out:

1. A 10/10 doesn't mean it's perfect. What it means is that in the flavour it's attempted to achieve, I can't think of a way to improve it. Obviously then, any marks lower than 10 mean marks off for things I think could be improved.

2. Value can be influenced by taste and energy. I used to think I had my limits, no matter how good a drink is. But now I know that if there is a drink out there that I personally feel is the best that energy drink science can achieve, i'm flexible.


I think it's safe to say this drink is awsome. It's alongside Jolt Cherry Bomb and Monster Ripper as my favourite drinks of all time. The flavour is akin to that random "blue" flavour you get, and somewhat expect, when you buy slushies, sweets, or ice pops. its raspberry, definitely, but there's another flavour (the "blue" I suspect) that I cannot distinguish. I can't even take an educated guess. But needless to say it tastes fantastic. No aftertaste, no sugar grit. Strong enough to suprise and invigorate, but smooth enough to pound down can after can.

Energy is good as well. I don't know exactly what's in their energy blend but it works, plain and simple. I had a can with my cheese omlette around about 10pm, and I was up till 4am before I felt I needed to sleep. It also helps feeling almost obliged to slam down the 473ml of awsomeness in 12 seconds flat. I'm sure the ingredients enter your system a lot faster.

Value, well this is where I hit a brick wall. I personally am completely sold buy the Jolt franchise, and within economic sanity am happy to spend whatever is necessary to get a can. In terms of advising the consumer, i'll say only this. It's not so much the flavour in itself. It's fantastic no doubt, but it's the fact one company has made three flavours which I think top about 95% of all the energy products sold in the UK. Not only that, but my beloved Monster Ripper, I feel it beats. Certainly their flavours are more accessable, since you don't have to love passion fruit and mango, just cola and raspberry, flavours that all generations have grown up with and love. I'm staggered by this companies efforts, and I still have 2 more flavours to enjoy.

My advice. Go and buy some. I trust so much in this company I feel no doubt in saying your £30 will be well spent by doing what I did. Go to, order two of every flavour, and enjoy flavours made by a single company, that beat every other flavour that is on sale today. They make an orange better than Fanta. They make a cola better than Pepsi. And when they invent a new flavour, they do better than Monster Ripper, a drink I whole-heartedly thought would never be touched, let alone beaten.

Hats off to you Jolt. Your mine for keeps.

Packaging Rating:     10 / 10

Taste Rating:              10 / 10

Energy Rating:             8 / 10

Value Rating:               8 / 10

Categories: 473ml (16oz) Drinks, �1 - �2, Jolt

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